ICONE is an Italian company specializing in the production and distribution of interior lighting with a simple and contemporary style, made through the fusion of metal, glass and fabric. ICONE design lamps are signs that describe with their shapes the artistic and visual research of our times, using two precious raw materials: enthusiasm and creativity. Enthusiasm is for the brand the vital spark: the family, the everyday, the desire to work from day to day to create something that can amaze and improve life and our state of mind, and it wants to convey this feeling through its creations, to make unique and personal everyday environments. Creativity, on the other hand, is that drive that, when faced with everyday situations, makes us aware that we can create something more and more innovative, with the constant goal of surprising the observer.
ICONE chooses the most eco-sustainable processes, certified materials, and renewable energy sources, is attentive to every step of its supply chain, respecting the environment even when communicating: all brochures and communication are printed on certified paper and with the use of vegetable inks.