In 1979, Fausto Dalla Torre and his wife Luisa Martin established Il Fanale as a small workshop for producing lamps on the outskirts of Treviso. With the desire to create a traditional product of the highest quality, they use materials such as copper, brass and iron, which undergo a special oxidation process according to a formula that is still a family secret. Having grown up in the company, Marzia and Tomas Dalla Torre inherit their parents’ passion for lighting. In 2004, they are made welcome at Il Fanale, each one contributing with their own talents. After joining the company, the first collections in contemporary style are introduced alongside rustic style lamps. First comes the industrial line with its vintage origins, followed by the New Decò line, which enhances the antique charm of brass combined with glass. Foreign markets appreciate the company’s new vision. In 2015, Marzia becomes the company’s general manager, and Tomas the artistic director. A lab of ideas where experimental projects come to life, the Torremato line is born from the creative need to develop unconventional concepts together with designers. Winning insight: in 2014, the Bitta lamp by Enzo Berti wins a ‘Compasso d’Oro’ Award, the most prestigious award for industrial design in the world, “for adding functionality to a classic and symbolic object, renewing it in a discreet way”. Il Fanale continues its exploration of the world of light. Always open to hybrid creations, the company discovers a new way to express its multifaceted personality in Mediterranean fusion.